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Christian Website Review – WouldJesusDiscriminate.org

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Christian Website Review - WouldJesusDiscriminate.org

The website wouldjesusdiscriminate.org brings together Christian Churches of America to welcome people from all backgrounds. The website challenges the belief that the bible allows individuals and groups to reject or mistreat minority groups within the community. It challenges the use of the bible to perpetuate the belief that being gay is wrong. The people of this website look at the Bible and interpret the scriptures using the language and context of the time when it was written. It hopes to validate true acceptance and compassion for all members of our society.


would jesus discriminate blogThis website challenges the validity of the previous justification of prejudice by interpreting the scriptures in a specific way. Sodom and Gomorrah is known widely and assumed to be God’s wish to punish the Sodom for homosexual behaviour. This website interprets the story to be a condemnation of general wickedness and not homosexuality. It uses modern day examples to show how our human nature can sometimes result in the mistreatment of vulnerable people. This website gives support to Christians who are uncomfortable with the prejudices of their faith. The website is balanced and welcomes all loving people to the Christian faith, being open to people in a loving gay relationship in the same way as to those in a loving heterosexual relationship.

The writers provide information that claims Jesus accepts some men are gay based on passages within the Bible, it allows the readers to make their own assessment. An explanation is given which is supportive of positive loving homoexual relationships being accepted. The story of Ruth and Naomi has often been portrayed as a story of friendship, but the words of the scriptures paint a picture of a much more intimate and loving relationship. David and Jonathan again have a more intimate relationship when the scriptures are examined from a different perspective. Even though Saul rejected the relationship, the Bible did not, according to the writers of this website. Christianity as a faith is not obligated to reject homosexuals from the warmth and community of the Christian church based on the Bible.

The website offers a new way to look at the some of the Bible stories and provides links to other pieces of writing that allow individuals to get a deeper understanding of the opposing views within the religious community. The website is sponsored by some influential and growing Christian Churches within our country. It helps Christians who are finding the contradiction between the society that we live in and the way that some Christian Churches behave difficult to accept. If you are interested in looking at the Bible stories in relation to homoseuality in a different way then this website gives you detailed information.The information is clearly stated and in a way that allows you to make your own decision

“Don’t confuse bigotry against gays and lesbians with religious truth”. The writers are providing evidence that rejects a bigoted interpretation of the scriptures. The language of the bible has been difficult to interpret, this has allowed groups to justify subjugation of women, abuse of slaves and rejection of homosexuals. In this modern age if we appreciate that the bible did not support slavery and did not support the subjugation of women this informative website presents the scriptures in a way that also accepts homosexuals into the arms of Christianity.