We are Universally For The Metropolitan Community Church and Gay Rights! UFMCC.org!

This blog is dedicated to the amazing work that the Metropolitan Community Church has done over the years to promote loving, affirming and welcoming communities of faith, that are open to Hetero and Homosexuals alike, equally.

Gay rights are an incredibly important modern issue that politicians shy away from all too often. This issue in the United States is a divisive topic that really drives a lot of news and information. However in other countries, for example in Africa, this is more than just a political issue about marriage and rights. People are being murdered and jailed for being gay. This is a global challenge to human rights and we’re here to talk about it.

If you’re looking for a new community that is open to whatever your ideas and way of life is, this church is the place for you!

We are not affiliated with or owned by the MCC, however we are supporters and plan on staying that way!