Christianity & Gay Rights


Sometimes, it is easy to wonder whether or not the debate about Christianity and gay rights will ever come to an end. There are definitely two sides. The biggest problem is that each side thanks they are the only side that is right. When it really comes down to it, those individuals or congregations that do not support gay rights can list numerous reasons why they think they are right, whether that is based in logic or in abject fear of something they do not understand. Even more frightening, many of these individuals make it clear from the beginning that they are not willing to have their opinions changed by anyone, no matter how compelling the argument.

Fortunately, there is some history concerning open support of gay rights in Christianity. After all, the entire basis for Christianity is to love, respect and accept everyone, not just those who are exactly like the person next to them. It really is supposed to be about loving everyone and seeing the best in every individual as opposed to pointing out differences for people to argue about. Fortunately, some congregations have taken this to heart and churches such as the Metropolitan Community Church as well as various Methodist and Episcopal churches, have started to embrace their homosexual neighbors and fellow Christians. Currently there are several different denominations that are relaxing their stance against homosexuality. Many of them have made it a point to openly accept it, an important measure when it comes to Christianity supporting gay rights history.

Today, there are even programs sanctioned by most major denominations that are geared directly toward individuals that are homosexual. Programs such as Room for All, More Light and others are designed to help gay individuals understand that there is a place for them in a house of worship, perhaps one that they had previously been told they did not belong in. In addition, these programs provide an opportunity to enjoy fellowship and to get to know other members of the congregation.

Most of these same churches are now willing to speak out in support of gay marriage and in a few cases, it is even possible to find homosexual members of the clergy in these locations. It is an important step in Christianity to further the historical support that has already been given, not to mention helping other people understand and embrace individuals who may or may not be like themselves.

Christianity has a rather long history when it comes to supporting gay rights. It is based on the belief that everyone should have an equal shot at life. Unfortunately, it depends on where you look in order to find that support, as some congregations clearly show their support more readily than others. Hopefully, these pioneering congregations will serve as a beacon for everyone else so that people can begin celebrating the things that make them similar- in this case, their humanity and their belief in God.